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Aristotle and Dante Sequel: 5 Exciting Facts

Aristotle and Dante sequel is coming!

I’m sure every fan already knows about this and if not, this is your wake up call. Aristotle and Dante sequel has been finalized. Now all that’s left is to wait (and shake apart in our own excitement). In the meantime, here is a compilation of everything you need to know about it.


1) Title, Publication, Cover Reveal

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe was published in 2012. With the dedicated fan following Ari and Dante gathered, Sáenz announced a sequel way back in 2016. At the time, it was titled There Will Be Other Summers and then there was no news for a very long time.

However, 2021 has brought to us (drum roll everyone!) the Aristotle and Dante sequel. It’s titled Aristotle and Dante Dive Into the Waters of the World. Yes, that is the name of the sequel. It will be published by Simon and Schuster. The cover reveal was done through an interview given by Sáenz to The Huffpost on 2nd March 2021. Take a look, it’s gorgeous!

Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World by Benjamin Alire Saenz - Book Cover

A tweet by Sáenz, dated 15th April 2021 also revealed when the book will be hitting the shelves.

Saenz tweet about publication of ari and dante sequel

So this is what we have –

Title: Aristotle and Dante Dive Into the Waters of the World

You can buy it on: October 12, 2021


2) What to expect?

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe followed Ari’s journey into acceptance of himself and who he loves. The sequel will therefore, offer readers further insight into the relationship between Ari and Dante now that it has been properly established as a romantic one. No blurred boundaries, no he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not. So what will the book have if not romantic indecision? Well, here’s what I could gather from the Goodreads summary and other sources –


  • HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Sáenz writes for sections society likes to ignore. He gives voice to people who often go unheard and this is what he is doing once again. The Huffpost, which conducted an interview with Sáenz noted that Aristotle and Dante sequel will grapple with HIV/AIDS epidemic that occurred in America in the 1970s and 80s.


  • The Romance isn’t gone.

Yes, book 2 will deal with a serious issue but you will still see the romance. While Sáenz refused to go into the details of the sequel, he did say in his interview with The Huffpost, “It’s not so difficult to fall in love. The real work is staying in love.”

It sounds ominous but it is the next step in any relationship. You decide to love each other? Now love each other through difficult times and easy times. Those are the trials of love. It isn’t too farfetched to imagine that Ari and Dante will have to go through them too. The silver lining? They will most likely come out of it as winners.


  • Ari learns to come to out of his shell – makes some friends, perhaps makes more enemies.

“Suddenly he finds himself reaching out to new friends, standing up to bullies of all kinds, and making his voice heard”. This is what the Goodreads summary says.


  • Homophobia

Ari standing up to ‘bullies’ and ‘making his voice heard’ makes me question – why does he need to do that? Other than defending his private, secretive nature, Ari did not have to do any kind of standing up for himself in book 1. So what is it this time that makes it different? The only answer I can come up with is that perhaps it is his shiny new relationship with Dante in a world that doesn’t accept it. We had plenty of evidence of this non-acceptance in book 1 (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve read it) which leads me to think that this is an area that can be elaborated upon in the sequel when both Ari and Dante are vulnerable to it.


“The boys are determined to forge a path for themselves in a world that doesn’t understand them.”

‘a world that doesn’t understand them’

What is it the world doesn’t understand? Love.


  • Someone dies

“Ari is faced with a shocking loss.”


3) No, Dante Quintana does NOT die.

I understand how many readers have come to this conclusion. The part of the summary I quoted above makes you doubt it but trust me, Dante Quintana is not going to die. Why?

First, it isn’t logical. Book 1 spent so much time establishing the relationship between Ari and Dante. Why would Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World suddenly kill Dante and have Ari deal with his loss alone? I know a lot of YA books kill off the protagonist, deuteragonists and significant others for shock value. It has happened so much that it is no longer a shock.

Readers expect it but it is unrealistic for these characters to die every time. Death doesn’t happen to people everywhere, every time and everyday. Ari and Dante is based in reality. It does not boast of alternate universes or dystopian worlds. It deals with the reality of the world as it is and people as they are. So no, I do not think Dante is going to die. Someone probably will, but not Dante.

Second, if you don’t trust me (understandable), trust the author at least. He has taken pains to reach out to fans and clarify this terrible prediction.

Dante is not going to die - Tweet by Benjamin Alire Saenz


Worry not, Dante Quintana is safe.


4) Signed copies will be available.

Only the first 5000 Aristotle and Dante sequel first edition books will have them, so try to get your hands on the sequel as soon as you can.

Signed copies of Ari and Dante sequel - Tweet by Benjamin Alire Saenz


5) Giveaway

Goodreads is currently holding a giveaway for Aristotle and Dante Dive Into the Waters of the World. It ends on 25th June 2021and only twenty copies are available. Unfortunately, the giveaway is only for Canada. Many of us won’t be able to apply. However, if your geography doesn’t limit you, you’re a fan of Ari and Dante and can’t wait for the sequel, try your luck here!


The Aristotle and Dante sequel is still a long way from being in our hands. It is certainly boring waiting for book releases but you can do something to make it better. Pick up The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz! Check out the review here and see if it’s for you.

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